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I was in midtown yesterday morning because I’d finally worked up the nerve to purchase this jacket that I’ve wanted all season and still hadn’t bought. I knew exactly where it was so I got up early to run a … Continue reading

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A life

It should seem quite obvious where my head’s been lately. In fact, I am leaving today to register for my second round of college. This time I plan to use my brain. It’s grown restless and if I don’t tend … Continue reading

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Don’t forget what you love

  One of my absolute favorite lectures.

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Vote Obama

… because what other choice do you really have? Arguably, the eloquence, depth, and sincerity of Michelle Obama’s speech equaled, maybe even exceeded Barack’s. Undeniable however, is the simple fact that they are the greatest oratory power couple in all … Continue reading

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When I was 7, the first real thing I seriously aspired towards was to be an Egyptologist. 90% of my research projects during my pre-college career were related to the subject of Ancient Egypt. Sadly, at one point during my … Continue reading

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I receive some of the most fabulously trivial content via iChat, and it usually arrives during work hours. Within the first hour or work today, I received these wonderful gifts:    

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Richard Dawkins

This is what I listened to today while I was working [before I listened to The Thong Song 80 times before I left the office]. All I will say to preface this is that it is an important film for … Continue reading

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