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I have a folder on my Desktop entitled ‘Internet’. It was once much larger. I have since cleared it out, a thing I plan to do now, but before I do, I’d like to share its contents with you. So, … Continue reading

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This is how i feel today

Like literally, outer space. Find me nowhere.

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Speaking of Obama… I saw this in the 6 Av FM train station yesterday– how is it possibe that Jake Gyllenhaal looks JUST like Obama in this movie poster??! Right?! I don’t know. #justsayin

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I was right. I have never felt more myself. I believe am from the future. My and the great Mr. Ben Cooper.  

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Bill Maher

If you’re on your computer working on something and you can’t think of anything good to listen to… well, just youTube search ‘Bill Maher’. This one is just really good. I am not an Atheist. I am not really anything. … Continue reading

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I’m clearly late to the party on this one, and guess what, it’s fine. That’s kind of my thing anyway… at least that’s how it usually happens. I hear over and over and over about something or some band or … Continue reading

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Video Resumé

This is the first piece of media I was gifted today via iChat by my dear friend, Nick Turner (@toddlerbibs). As the story goes, this man was once Nick’s roommate. Incidentally, this video encapsulates everything good about the internet AND … Continue reading

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