When I was 9 my parents took me to my first Cirque Du Soleil performance, Quidam. I don’t recall ever being so moved by something in my entire life up to that moment. It wasn’t the show itself either, it was the music. Every human is hyper sensitive at the age of 9, but I seem to recall sound the most from that time… scent coming in at a close second.

This song still flows into my mind every now and then. It did a couple years ago, I was just singing something and a piece of it reminded me so distinctly of something else– it was the kind of sensation you have when you forget what you were going to say and you stop swimming around in your mind and just float, waiting for it to come back to you. Finally it came to me and I remembered the little girl, the star of the show and walks around singing, followed by an ominous, faceless character holding an umbrella the whole time. I then remembered the cassette tape my parents bought for me after the show. I found it hiding in a shoebox in my old room. I’ve never known why I have  such a inherent infatuation with various orchestral compositions and scores, but looking back, this show might have something to do with it.

It looks like it’s still touring… wait! Oh my god. I just googled it, and it opens TODAY in Colorado Springs, CO. !?!?!??!!!?! WTF. Although, it looks way different.




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