Chaos Chaos

Last weekend my roommate Tyler and I went to PS1 to see this 1 hour event called The Oral History of Female Drummers. I mean, I have to say, a good female drummer (or musician for that matter), is a sexy beautiful thing; an arguable rarity.  Tyler was way into it. I was too. We ran around the space catching all the lady percussionists, before landing back near the entrance where one exceptional lady was playing. I spent the last 10 min of the 1hour performance watching her, undoubtedly with some stupid smile on my face. Let me just say, I always wanted to learn to play the drums, unfortunately, I just never really tried… I pretty much learned how to play everything else though, which is fine– no one needs one more thing to be mediocre at, and you really just can’t be a mediocre drummer. Anyway, this girl was anything but. Afterwards we tried to track her down but she was impossible to catch. Fortunately I’d seen a CD on her snare drum that said ‘Chaos Chaos’ on it so… google.

Below is my favourite track so far by the band formerly known as Smoosh. I don’t feel like explaining what it is I like about their sound, but if you’ve ever heard of Mackintosh Braun, there’s a nice hint of something similar to their  starry synth floating around when the chorus drops. There’s a depth here. I like it.


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