With that

This is a heavy moment;  full of emotions so potent they seem to be seeping through my pores and causing me to shiver and burst into fits of painful laughter. Every time I try to stand, my legs have to remember how to extend; my hands gripping the desk pushing, erecting my tired body.  It’s the kind of feeling when you seem to be fighting gravity, while pushing upward against the weight of life and big decisions pressing from above. It’s an encasement by unseen forces, demanding restriction you must impossibly force your way through.

Today is just a sprint through dark, waist-high water. Awesomely tiring.

I’m growing older everyday, and with every minute, understanding the secrets of the Universe just a little  bit more, and moreover, perfecting the art of being a human.

Anyway, here’s a song I wrote for my sister, and even though it says ‘little sister’ it’s not really about her. It’s about me. Losing myself to the colossal expanse.

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