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This image conjures up feelings of deepest, sweetest melancholy. Though the fall of the movie rental empire was decidedly imminent, I can’t say the days of it’s height weren’t the absolute fondest. I mean, I’ll never look back on endless indecisive Netflix meanderings with my significant other that inevitably end in a default Family Guy marathon with hazy eyes and a warm heart… I’ll just be like, ‘yeah that sucks when that happens, it’s just like not being able to decide where to eat lunch’. This is what happens when humans are inundated by something; too much of a good thing is never a good thing. We’ve become numb, I think; ungrateful for the freedom technology has given us. I can’t recall a visit to Blockbuster that wasn’t accompanied by previously conceived idea of what I wanted to rent. It’s a good way to live life, really; know what you want before you go and get it. Knowing what you want and seeking it out is infinitely more valuable and effective a means than seeking nothing and letting the variety determine your decision. Perhaps that last notion isn’t entirely universal, but I can’t come up with a scenario where it doesn’t apply. I guess the stakes aren’t terribly high when renting a movie… but consider this notion in the case of choosing a boyfriend/girlfriend, a career path, a life’s mission. It’s an issue. My generation doesn’t know what it wants, and it makes me sad. I’m also sad because I intended to muse about scattered precious memories of childhood sleepovers topped by visits to Blockbuster topped by the allowance of a double movie rental, and the sacrality of the movie return date…


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