OK. So if you follow me on Twitter, you already know that I have been trying to find this old CD Rom game that I used to play as a kid: Goosebumps Escape from Horrorland. I have been patiently waiting for the only torrent I found on the internet to download… we’re at like 20% so we’ll see… but even then, it’s for PC.
I have the original game somewhere at home in Colorado…
Anyway, I found yesterday that the easiest way to ‘play’ the game you don’t have is just to watch someone else pay it on youTube. This is a very popular thing, in fact… and with the number of people actively using the internet, the odds of finding the game were favorable.
So I found this great lady who is clearly home alone somewhere in Australia playing the game in its entirety, and though you’ll probably find her incredibly annoying, I found her totally hilarious.
I watched the first 5 ‘episodes’ yesterday, and picked up with #6 today– where shit got REAL.

I TOTALLY forgot that Jeff Goldblum was Dracula… and can i just say that I’ve watched his very short cameo like 20 times. I am just speculating, but he (in this game) might have been my first ‘finding someone sexy’ experience as a young girl.
And this lady narrating this video keeps saying ‘Isabella tortellini Rossellini’… and guess what, it IS Isabella Rossellini. Awesome.

Truly, the PC days were special times. So very special. Sigh…

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