Emily Haines is my hero. I mean, she really is probably my hero.
This song reminds me of the rainiest September of my life. my 5th month living in New York last year. I bought a piano because of this song; just walked right in to the store and dropped $2500. That moment when you tell yourself it’ll all be worth it someday, and you know that ‘someday’ is, or can be, in this case, everyday.
That month, my baby sister came to visit me. She hadn’t been to the east coast in 12 years. She was 9 when she last visited. She was newly 21 then. I took her everywhere. We got dressed in my small room to this song, and I lent her a nice jacket and an umbrella for our weekend jaunts. We spent that entire Sunday in Central Park. I was blowing kisses to the turtles that swam up to us. The park was utterly empty and I took her to brunch at the Ritz and we bought our mother expensive eye cream across the park. I made her believe I’d found my place in the city, and her satisfaction ensured me it really was true.

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