When I was 7, the first real thing I seriously aspired towards was to be an Egyptologist. 90% of my research projects during my pre-college career were related to the subject of Ancient Egypt. Sadly, at one point during my early teen years, I decided I would never embark on the lengthy educational journey to enter this particular field of research because I felt ‘there was nothing left to discover’. Perhaps, in a tangible sense, I was right, but in a theoretical sense, I was definitely wrong. I’ve only recently found the will to pick up and begin re-reading my many books on the subject and seek out interesting, well-researched documentaries online. Whether or not the majority of the latter is just nonsensical garbage, I can’t really say, but any well presented collection of information that contains both fact & theory AND continually questions the both is probably worth  at least one good watch.

This one was:


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