Metric Synthetica

Metric’s 5th albume, Synthetica, is something I’ve been putting off for a while. With having heard little to no chatter about it in any of the usual channels, I was continually and increasingly impartial in approaching the record. I decided [on Monday] finally to have a look/listen to what was being said, and I found this very real interview.
I thoroughly enjoyed what was said in this particular interview, and there’s a clear rapport between them and the interviewer which is quite nice; he seems to ask the right questions. This interview really spoke to me ,and the message they claim their record encapsulates is a familiar notion I deeply care about. The unfortunate thing is that the interview got me very excited to hear the record and after a few thorough listens, the record itself doesn’t, at least in my opinion, represent the essence they describe at all. Synthetica seems to be the popiest record I have heard in a long time, and certainly the most generic collection of sound Metric has ever produced.
I needn’t say more, but when I step away from it all and try to identify the singular underlying issue indicated by the contradicting interview and record, all i can think is: too much thinking and not enough being; a thematic overanalysis that led to a fatal overproduction. Less is more.
Anyway, not that anyone cares. I was just a little disappointed.


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