In light of the fact that I am still processing the perceived amazingness of my favourite fashion blogger’s recent nuptials [that took place the day after my birthday last month], I have been watching some of her videos on youTube– again, because I love her, and her personality is even more thrilling than her self-declared, people-approved sartorial authority.

I am also a big fan of THE man, Michael Kors. I feel like everything he does is clean, stylistically poignant, and instantly classic, meaning it can be incorporated with just about anything… forever. (Side bar: I still very much want one if his white ceramic oversized watches… or  a gold one… whatever).  Anyway, I found this great video of an fashion ‘duel’ between the two characters. Even more fun than what appear to be ski/yacht inspired grab-and-go outfits is watching the very quick evolution of their natural rapport during their brief exchange, denoting a sort of warm pragmatism; a good-hearted candor. They’re just real and I like them both. I can only dream of working with people of their ilk someday… sigh…

…anyway, that’s me; You: perceive what you will. If anything, have a watch just to see how much you wish you could invite MK to your next cocktail party.

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