So I went to pick up my Profoto 2400 Kit with my friend Audrey on Sunday, and we were cruising down Myrtle, and she had a Coldplay CD in her car… and i felt compelled to defend my love for Coldplay… I guess because in my experience, most people regard them as main[lame]stream and find their music to be trite, mediocre, and somehow ripping off Radiohead.

I do not feel that way… though perhaps I would if I hadn’t gotten into Coldplay at a particularly pivotal moment in my teenage life. I bought their then new album X&Y about 1 month before I graduated [a semester early] from high school. I was still driving my dreamy little green Beamer then too… I don’t think that CD left my car from the time I finished school [December ’05] to the time I actually graduated [that following May]. I could see how people felt this album was where the band fell off… but I guess my experience with it is a true testament to the power of scoring– and by that I mean that music exists one-dimensionally when it is experienced just by listening— but when it is experienced multi-dimensionally (paired with video, film, or a living moment) it transcends itself, simultaneously becoming a part of you, and forever a part of that experience that your memory with reference for the rest of  your life… it becomes a soundtrack; a score.

This was a piece of the score to the end of my childhood and the beginning of my life as an adult… especially this song, which incidentally is also the title track [which doesn’t make it the best track– I guess I just fell in love with the enchanting sea/space Love imagery… possible personal foreshadowing?….] :



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