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I don’t know if I’ve posted this before.
I think this girl [Kid A] sent her album to my boss. He was sampling it a few months back and I remember being really struck by it. He posted about it a week later I think… I don’t remember if it got a lot of feedback– probably not. But it should have.

I don’t really know anything, clearly, but I do know I like this song. Here’s why:
I’m tired of all this complicated sound. I find myself being continually drawn to more simple compositions. I’ve heard people say that a good song is one that holds up when it’s stripped down to just a melody- an acoustic rendition– if it still sounds good and holds together, then it’s a ‘good song’… but I don’t know what good really means anymore– ‘good’ [by the aforementioned definition] is definitely not directly related to ‘profitable’ or ‘popular’— most of this kind of music today would deteriorate upon deconstruction.
There is, of course, music that embodies all 3 of these things, but it seems it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find.
Still equally and perpetually difficult is the ability to define ‘good’… it seems it’s just easier to define ‘good’ by what it isn’t; what is NOT good. This seems to be very easy. Really though, at the end of the day, sound is subjective and ‘good’ is defined differently within every individual.

So that being said, I find all Kid A’s work and this song especially, not NOT good… or in other words, REALLY good. She has a beautiful voice that she doesn’t flaunt and she also whispers in Japanese (see 2nd song with Japanese title).




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