I really cannot express how excited I am about this. I love Twin Shadow, and I, like a million other girls, would marry George Lews Jr in a heartbeat–no questions asked. But seriously, on many occasions I have anxiously pondered one question: can this hottie spit out another bangin album? I mean, it feels like at this point TS’s debut album has become sort of commonplace conversational currency when discussing indie sound [or whatever]… just as the band name has become certified hype jargon among the sonically hip… right?… but that is not without good reason. That was a good fucking album. I mean, I may be biased because when it came out, the album was gifted to me by a special someone I was entertaining a moderately passionate long distance [cyber] relationship with and the album would later become ‘ours’, or at least it did in my mind. I had also just finished college around that time and was partying a lot; reclaiming my youth or something.
Anyway, the album brings back nothing but amazing memories and is, in my opinion, a landmark in claiming a definitive style and sound in the age of indecipherable electro excess.

Anyway anyway, George has dropped this new track for us all to overplay while we wait for the rest of the album, Confess… dropping sometime between now and the end of time.

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