So… I found this blog— Luxirare.

Now, I look at A LOT of blogs and this one is different. I can’t stress enough how easy it is to be a notable blogger these days. I realize scouring the internet for new content and consistent are highly time consuming and of course decent personal taste is required, but let’s be honest, we could all conduct a decent cyber treasure hunt with a fraction of the time spent stalking each other or ourselves on Facebook.

Anyway, I believe the value of any personal site is the inherent personal effort behind the content [which is why I don’t have a tumblr], and I must say, in that respect, this blog is something different. As a mid-level style enthusiast, I still attempt to salvage my favourite worn out pieces, redesign my clothes, and create my own original designs… in addition to spending seemingly infinite amounts of expendable and non-expendable ca$h on the most sought after designer threads. Conveniently, that statement effectively encapsulates my interests, and I must say, this one is one of the only sites that is fully satisfying in that respect.

I won’t say much more, save that after spending just 20 minutes on the blog, I felt my desire to create truly reinvigorated. As some of you may remember, I used to make jewelry, among other things, and even after one year in NYC, I have yet to feel in any way compelled to devote any of my precious energy towards raw creative endeavors… until now.

Take a look. This is my favourite piece on the entire site.

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