Wicked Games

This song reminds me of a very specific memory. I can’t ever tell if I am recalling a dream or a place I actually went as a little girl.
I picture a dark room, with black lacquer furniture with tacky 80’s gold detailing… a water bed, and hanging slatted blinds that were open casting red and yellow light onto the wall.. the light from a late Florida summer sunset. there is a big tropical plant near the doorway… the room is dated, it feels like something out of a late 80’s sex scene in a very chic hotel suite. I may have actually been in this place… I remember strange hotels. I traveled a lot as a very young girl.
But i never forgot this song… which I probably first heard around age 5 or 6.
It always takes me back to that room- coming in from the beach at dusk with some deep hues slatted and casted across the black decor.

i also sent this to my friend Nick this morning pretending it was the track i recorded last night.


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