As mentioned in a previous post entitled: 2012: A [somewhat] Definitive Answer  I initiated the start of an ongoing blog post project in which I highlight an intellectual path by which to travel towards an enlightenment and an ultimate spiritual and mental preparedness for a pending catastrophic transformation [2012]. If, perhaps, nothing happens at the end of this calendar year, then I promise, the information I provide will still have been wholly useful and beneficial, assuming of course that you are a person who has an invested interest in bettering yourself.

Anyway, I found this very insightful video of Richard Dawkins discussing Evolution and his  highly controversial book: The Greatest Show On Earth.  I don’t feel the need to go into excessive depth about this heap of information; it is fully self-evident. However, I will say that I find it necessary to include because I believe that we must obtain a thorough and well-founded understanding of the origin of human existence, and only then can we begin to theorize and prophesize about our eventual end. [Disclaimer: I do not believe 2012 is the ‘end’, but I’ll get to that later…]

Regardless, Richard Dawkins is an incredible mind, and it would seem the power of  his controversial nature remains directly proportionate to his intellectual appeal.

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