Roxy Music | Tara

Roxy Music is a total classic.
They’re probably best known for their killer track ‘Love is The Drug‘…

They also are the only band that I am aware of that has a track entitled Tara.
It’s a strange one; a soft, melancholy sax(?) ballad. Probably the soundtrack to some sorrowfully passionate late 80’s love making scene, most likely taking place at some remote sea front condo in a midsummer twilight… somewhere near Miami— That’s what I imagine anyway.
I was reminded if this track of course by my friend Remy Banks’ tweet- he said ‘Oxy Music’, which is a cute coincidence in itself because I am currently recording some painkiller fueled somber piano tracks alone in my room.

Anyway, I am clearly easily distracted, and I promised myself I would post something today, so this whole thing worked out quite nicely… and remember: Love is the Drug, but Drug is also the drug.

…and Roxy Music really has some rockin’ album art, don’t you think?!

OH- and here’s it is….. TARA


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