I had the chance to hear a few of these remixes last week when I was home in Colorado. There was one that I found particularly striking: Grimes’ characteristically ethereal rendition of Real Is a Feeling… it played a few times on repeat while I was curled up in a fleece blanket reading Travis’s copy of Mat Brinkman’s Multiforce and leafing through his Black Dice book (imagery that will now forever flash through my brain every time I hear the song).

Music is, now more than ever, a means to relate ourselves and connect to one another. Contemporary technology enables us to ‘post-physical’ly collaborate, allowing us to blend and genre-bend. We are forever reinterpreting one another’s work, making the possibilities within the creative process literally infinite. This is an important moment for music. Sound is truly free and the musical product is finally becoming something capable of transcending monetary/physical value. We are [almost] fully free to unconditionally create and enjoy.


Download the full Remix Album here @ Dis Magazine


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