While I was home in Denver over the past two weeks, I had the chance to hang out a few times with these  fun guys: Cory Brown and Ron Cole of Hollagramz.

I’ve been in NYC for the better part of the last year and have had the privilege of seeing and hearing some mind-shifting sound and meeting some truly exceptional individuals, but I really have to say, geography aside, Hollagramz continues to create an exacting, genre-blending sound, while still evolving at a consistent pace, and are perhaps quickly becoming the dream rave champions of my beloved hometown. Having followed their work for some time, I am very proud of them and hope to see them seize the coming year.

If you find yourself in Denver, check out their monthly party at Beauty Bar, co-hosted by Denver’s London Dungeon + Pictureplane.

Long nights and flashing lights.

HOLLAGRAMZ – Galactic Leash from David Dohrmann on Vimeo.

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