personal singularity

I know myself. really. well. I know completely the universal truths of my being; my ever-present constants. At the deepest level, my existence and my perception are one. This would be enough if I were a being of 3 dimensions; if I existed only at once, in a single moment in space and time…

…but we forget, or perhaps we don’t know, that we are 4 dimensional beings. We occupy our body’s space as well as a place in time. Our existence stretches out along a seemingly linear path, beginning at birth and leading out towards infinity. Who I am simply is, but the part of me that relates to my position along this linear path changes. Every moment it changes. Right now there is so much change. Excessive change. Enormous evolution. I go to bed at night and wake up the next day a newer, improved version of myself. I feel at times that I can’t keep up. I feel fucking crazy. I feel like I might implode and consume everything around me… and I wonder if I am okay.

This is what I wanted though. I am on my own personal path towards singularity… and I can feel the line beginning to curve upward; I can feel in bending as I start to ascend. We all have the chance to make a divine ascension into the future of our choosing. Lately, I have been overwhelmed by the cosmic evidence of my good decisions, just as in the past, I was haunted by the lingering memories of my poor decisions. Those were stagnant times, moving forward slowly, but ascending so slightly that everything still appeared to be completely flat. I guess I see now that my horizontal life is over and when we meet again, I will be on a different plane; my coordinates changing every second. Forever.


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