So, my mom and stepdad came to visit me last month. During their visit they stopped by Wall Street, and at the time I wasn’t really trying to participate, but I knew enough to have a nice conversation with them about what was going on. Now, I haven’t made a physical contribution to the effort, but I have made an effort to stay current on the Movement and have developed a thoroughly researched, well-founded perspective.

Anyway, this morning they sent me this video (the email was titled “dont get offended, interesting take”) :

to which I hastily replied—

“This is is absolutely a valid perspective, in some ways, but this guy is taking a really ridiculous approach. I believe the point he is trying to address is an indisputable factor in the issue as a whole, and more importantly should be taken in to account when trying to understand and evaluate the protestors themselves.

I am a firm believer in getting behind the irrefutable truth, HOWEVER, an argument is only as definitive and resounding as the manner in which it is delivered. My biggest problem with all the critical press coverage of the Occupy Movement is that there is always this undeniable sense of snide, sarcastic, and even arrogant ‘humor’. It’s not credible, fair, or constructive, and to me, it always seems incredibly tacky.
These issues must be addressed with TACT and RESPECT.

Next, and perhaps equally important, the press (and everyone else trying to discern the ‘CAUSE’ these people are behind) have to stop speaking in generalities.

There is not one definitive reason, there is not one sole cause, there is not one indivisible issue at the root of all of this, this is NOT an issue of deficient Gratitude— further, there is not ONE brand of person behind this movement- these are not just debt-ridden unemployed college grads w/ iPads– EVERY demographic is represented here.

ULTIMATELY– there is not one solution– in fact, I believe, there IS NO solution. We are in need of a radical departure from the current social and political paradigm, and that will be the only way we can have a shot at improving everything- as a country.

As a nation, we are incorporated, which is to say that a small few control everything. You guys know I have an issue with Mass Media… well what this man in this video is remarking upon is the product and consequence of the effect mass media has on a wealthy consumerist society– that combined with common place Capitalist ideals… well it was nice for a while but now, as you can see, we are totally F**KED!

We want want want want, we need need need THINGS, STUFF, SHIT we DONT NEED. how can we be grateful when we can’t appreciate what we have because we constantly work to fill some sort of imposed void that until recently, didn’t exist. we sit on social networks all day and consider that real human interaction. we don’t even know who we are anymore. and forgive me for contradicting myself and speaking in generalities, but I have met a handful of REAL people in my life, and to me, their friendships hold immeasurable value. This is the point this man is hinting at but is too involved in the petty side of things to look into the heart of it– my peers, my generation, we are lost. we have been consumed by consumerism, and not just us, the american people, we have been robbed of our identity, we don’t have fking jobs, we have way too much stuff, and the fate of the future is in OUR hands. SCARY.

I appreciate you sending me this.
There is a bit of truth in everything. But when you’re discussing EVERYONE and EVERYTHING, there are no universal truths. the only thing i know is, things are going to change… and it probably won’t be pretty. so for now, I’m going to enjoy the nice weather and continue to be grateful for how awesome my life has become.

love you guys.”

I’m not sure what they’ll think, or if I even make sense, but it felt good to be aroused; to be uncontrollably compelled to articulate a set of emotions– to ‘go off’. It reminds me I’m alive; that there are bigger issues at hand than what I focus on day to day; that I care, and most importantly, that I understand.
We have to care.
Or we won’t make it.


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