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We all feel like we know our friends pretty well, right? What I mean to say is, it’s rare that our friends surprise us, right? Especially when it comes to being able to do something fucking awesome? Maybe I just wasn’t paying attention before [back when I was home], but the last time I saw Reilly in a video it was probably The Wetboys Way of the Warriors video in ’06…

[Allow me to get off topic real quick— I just stepped away from this post for a sec to find a video from that era, and let me just say, those days (inca/wethouse days) were some of the best days of my life. I’ll never forget that premiere and the moment when these fools won the video challenge. I’ve never partied harder in my entire life.]

(watch this if you want to see what Trevor Uriona’s back used to look like <3)

Anyway, it seems a few of the good homies back home have formed a new, arguably more sophisticated production initiative. Aptly named PauseSleepPlay, this small video collective boasts a handful of shorts featuring some of my favourite people and places. I am not only impressed by the few videos these guys already have out, but excited to see how their work will progress and evolve. I mean, the ‘Mike ‘No Soul’ Reilly’ video is a bit of a left fielder, but it’s hard not to watch all the way through– so in that, it’s definitely successful. (plus, is he not totally hot in that silk salmon top?) Spencer and Graham are lookin’ real good in the Cobraconda video too— and let’s go ahead and uncensor it guys. Whatever it is, wee seen it b4.

Their most recent video was definitely the most inventive. I can’t help but cite Tron on this one, but in my opinion, the application of the LED effect is WAY cooler here– I mean, no one can relate to riding around on a cyber bike on a non-existent grid; I very much enjoy seeing this phenomena occur during normal person activities (bike riding)– PLUS, I know we’ve all had those moments while riding bike… when it gets so fierce that we secretly imagine that colored light has begun to emit from our back tire. This video ultimately made me miss home, and reminded me I’d missed another killer summer. However, I must to say, there is no better consolation than the knowledge that your friends back home are doing something remarkable. There is so much talent in that city, and, at least from my distance, this looks like the beginning of a creative movement. These guys know what they’re doing, and I KNOW how cool their lives actually are— SO, can they continue to articulate the coolness of their daily lives through the majesty of video productionnnnnnn?!!!! I believe they cannnnnn.

oh, and can I get a shout out for the featured track? I’m into it. That’s what it sounds like when I’m walkin down the street… in slow motion.

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