I watched this the other night.
[watch the trailer first]

I’m afraid I still don’t know if I liked it or not, but with a film like this, it doesn’t really matter what you decidedly felt- it just is. It was still incredibly beautiful. The ending is epic, and in a way, the most believable part of the film. Honestly, the ending made my heart ache a little, with the hope that the human race might be lucky enough to meet its end by way of some irrefutable cosmic collision, rather than the increasingly imminent self destruction we seem to face. The thought may seem crazy, but doesn’t every person imagine their end as dignified, or graceful even? That notion was the most important thing I took from this film. Plus, Lars Von Trier’s use of Richard Wagner’s Prelude to the opera Tristan und Isolde is perfection. Since Sunday, I’ve probably listened to the Prelude in its entirety like 40 times (it’s Tuesday and the piece is 10 minutes long), and it is one of the most provocative, desperate, and dynamic orchestral arrangements I have ever heard.
Anyway, see it or don’t but with all the shitty remakes, big budget computer animation, and romantic comedies out there, it’d probably be worth your while to see something of a more natural and resounding ilk.

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