Finding it hard…

…to reconcile the many truths I’ve found in this life.
Where must we focus our attention and efforts?
What efforts will perpetuate and what efforts will exterminate our existence?

I feel foolish for walking through this time in my life, dancing in circles with my arms outstretched, starry eyed, seeing this dirty world as perfect for the first time, like a dream upon waking… I feel stupid almost, growing more knowledgable; actively seeking the truth of the matters at hand- politically and existentially. The more information I acquire, the harder it getsto just walk through my life, shining and beaming for seemingly no reason. I feel compelled to apply myself somewhere, in a political effort. Or to devote my life to an intellectual effort– to share universal truths with the world– these truths may not be directly related to socioeconomical concerns, but at least they’d provide perspective; a perspective our society desperately needs.

I don’t know what to do. I just keep listening and learning,
but all I can do for now is continue to create.
We live in sad times. And the end of this time is nearing.
We all know it.
I believe the issues of this historical era are more than likely irreparable.
A massive and absolute cleansing is at hand…
so in the meantime, I’m just going to enjoy it and if any cause needs my help, they need only ask.

And YOU- Get wise. You may not know your place in all of this, but at least you can know what ‘this’ is.

May you live in interesting times. -Chinese proverb









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