Yesterday, right before I left work, my friend Donald sent me a Slowdive song. I stayed a half hour later than usual because I couldn’t stop listening to it. I’d never heard of the band before. I finally left work and went into the city and went shopping. I was listening to the song via youtube on my iphone for about the 10th time when suddenly it hit me– I’d heard that distorted, reverbed out guitar in the background somewhere before. Then it hit me again– it was the song that played during the opening credits of the 1993 film, Nowhere [arguably the best part of the movie–where Dark is masturbating and there is a choppy montage of imagined sexual situations that keep reverting back to his naked figure standing in a white steamy abyss that eventually appears as the bathroom shower]. The song I was recalling wasn’t the track I was given [When The Sun Hits]. It was another. It was this one.



Anyway, I am very sad this genre/movement didn’t last longer back then. It seems the majority of people don’t recall it fondly… I don’t get that though. I don’t give a shit why, either. There’s something about this sound that personally makes me explode; that, on some level, makes everything okay… it’s the kind of sound that fills everything with meaning; that, at times, could ready you to die.


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