I put this album on this morning and when this song came on, my brain was flooded with the most amazing memories of freshman year of high school with this cd in my discman. I can still see the red sharpie I used to write ‘the suicide machines’ on the cd in the same font as the album… in seconds, I literally couldn’t see, I was recalling so many memories– riding on the bus the first couple weeks of school,  walking through the wet august grass in denver at 7 am to the art building door where my locker was… the smell of clean floors, the color of my backpack, my old chucks, my locker combo, 32-38-8, walking down the IC hallway to english in the east building, high-fiving in the hallway when you passed a friend, walking the long way to ‘run into’ my friend Jason- the guy i had a huge crush on, sitting in the courtyard in the grass with my homeboys during lunch in a circle of back packs, legs, sandwiches, sodas, and music talk, dying a red streak in the front of my long brown hair, and my friend Ali B. He burned this album for me and we rode the bus together all year that year… and he became one of my best friends. Ali, I will always love you. You were one of the biggest parts of one of the best times of my entire life; the happiest moments of my youth, and to all my boyz from those days, the days when we were just band shirt wearing, porch-lifing kids… this one’s for you.

and while I’m at it– these too:


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