old one

This an old piece. I made it the night before it was due… and I was a stupid idiot and didn’t put in the credits that it was me singing, so, upon viewing it, none of my classmates could take that into account. I only recorded the song because my singing was supposed to suffice the entire video. I don’t remember what the assignment was, save that it was extremely vague— but either way, I think this was ultimately perceived as just a weird, slightly ethereal, poorly edited amalgamation of lo-fi video that was perhaps intended to resemble a string of half-remembered memories? Anyway,  I used my mistake as an opportunity to redeem myself in another way. I waited until the end of the very mediocre critique to tell everyone that it was me singing and playing. I think they were all taken back, surprised even, by my ‘modesty’, but really, I was just an idiot… a singing idiot [who also waited until her last quarter of college to take Intro to Video– which was fine, because I actually ended up loving it and my 5DMarkII was the envy of the entire 1st quarter class]. And then the class was over and I freaking graduated.

The point is- if you have the opportunity to be perceived as modest, even if it’s fake modest, take it– if you’re anything like me, anyway.

And. I’m pretty sure I’ve posted this before. But w/e. We all love this Metric song. Good for a rainy Friday.


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