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The In Tension EP was given to me last week. I can’t stop listening to this song. My good friend at work, Adrien, made a song that this one reminds me of– he didn’t have a name for his, so I named it ‘Cocaine Maserati’. But though the bass line is similar in this song, it begs a different feeling. I feel like flashdancing in a black mesh crop top, hot shorts, platforms and whipping my hair around, in a dark, dramatically lit alleyway with zombies behind me… or wait… did I just describe Thriller? Whatever… this would be really good music to bone to… too.

This is just a really good one… like, I want to film someone in long flowy clothes and shiny hightops running down a dark street in the middle of the night in super slow motion and use this song. I’m gonna do it.


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