my second car

I live in NYC, so I don’t drive. I miss my little Subaru back at home but while I was thinking about how much I’d like to shift some gears this morning, I started feeling a little sad about my old little green bean. I bought her Junior year of high school on 2004, and sold her Freshman year of college, 2006. She had a GOOD RUN.

My 1993 BMW 325is– Here’s to sleeping in you more than once, driving you drunk innumerable times, almost killing a construction worker in you while on a coke run, having my first roll in you behind a car wash with 3 other people, always getting me to school, not hitting the guardrail even tho you somehow spun out, making 3 full rotations, going 40 mph in the slow lane during a light rain, always smelling good because your leather interior didn’t absorb the parliaments and weed that were smoked in you daily, and always being there for me.

You never died on me, except that one time (the aforementioned time we rolled in you and had the stereo blasting while parked for 4 hours)– that didn’t count obviously. You were mine. I bought you. I sold you. And I’ll love you forever.

Lucky you were, if you had the chance to ride shotgun with me in this truly legendary whip.

You really were the best early 90’s coupe I could’ve ever asked for. Teal 325is- Here’s to you baby. Stay fly.


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