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This is one of my best friends, Lany [or Lane]. She and my other best friend Annalise used to be total piles and lived in my living room, which incidentally was also my bedroom because at the time, I lived in a fucking studio (which is to say, at one point in time,  we all lived in the same room– that I mostly paid for). Anyway, despite her ability to make any substantial contribution to the well-being of the household, she did contribute in other appreciable ways: after coming home around 3 or 4 with our homeboy, DScher, she’d keep an eye on the place while I was at school/work by staying in bed [futon] til about 4 when I’d get home. She’d also let me eat her Chipotle leftovers, update me daily about what was new on The Berrics, and, my personal favourite, she’d take nice pictures of herself on my photobooth on both my iMac and my Macbook for me to find later. This is one of them, my absolute fav, and one that I’ve pulled up on many a sad night, in need of a good laugh.

Yeah, this one was around July 2008 I believe… we were getting ready to go out to Shag’s Lounge… our last underage summer, definitely the good ol’ days.

Here’s a couple more of us together

Venice Beach, 420, 2009

LA loft shower, NYE, 2010, dougy, me, lane.

I hope you get to meet this babe someday, she’s definitely one of the funniest humans on the face of the planet.



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