wtf is nyfw?!

NYFW (New York Fashion Week– self-explanatory) is just another excuse to party… and if you’re really feelin’ festive it, it’s an excuse to wear those stupid expensive vintage Prada pumps and that ’04 Marc Jacobs bit you bought a long time ago that you couldn’t afford. Do that, of course, if you plan on hittin the Manhattan fashion streets. Good luck getting into any of those parties tho. I guess you could just strut around—

My advice would be to put on the most outrageous ensemble you can assemble, pull out $100 of the ATM, head to Brooklyn, and come on down to our [Mishka NYC] ffffashion party. Srsly. This is, like the ONLY chance you’ll get to an early (and very short-lived) bargain the brand new Fall 2011 line. Someone also asked ‘Do you have to be a certain age to come?’….
my response: Baby, you don’t have to be of age to come enjoy cool clothes and a hot bargain. You’ll just be doing it sober.

See You There.

Thursday September 8th, 6pm-11pm

350 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY

J/M/Z to Marcy Ave
G to Broadway
L to Lorimer

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