We’re back

So, I’ve been gone from here for a while, posting occasionally. But you should know, it was not without good reason. I have moved to New York and now work for Mishka Nyc as their new In-House Photographer. I came out here expecting only to stay a few months, but I guess I’m supposed to be here. Despite all my resistance, I’ve been captured and here is where I shall reside… for now.

This of course has put a halt on jewelry production. As things become more established on this new plane however, I will begin production again, and finally launch the online store. In the mean time, this blog will be dedicated to sharing my new works including, but not limited to: music, writing, and thoughts in passing.

I would like to feature works of others and use this space as a platform for other artists and thinkers. So–if you feel like it, or just want to share something with me, never hesitate to send work to Solid Goldd.

Stay up. I have a lot to share. With you.
Let’s fall in love.


About TARA

American Photographer. Musician. Writer. Science enthusiast.
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