The Scanners | Nate Van Dusen

I was reminded of this video the other day when I went to Coney Island for the first time with my friends, and they made me ride the Cyclone. It of course wasn’t the roller coaster that reminded me of the video, but the Wonder Wheel. I met Nate a little over two years ago when I was in LA after Coachella 2009. I was out with my friend Lany and we met up with her friend Benny, who was with Nate. I think we played pool at a bar in Silver Lake that was, at the time, called Little Joy. That was about it, but he drove me to the airport the next day and we had the most remarkable conversation while stuck in traffic for like an hour and a half… so even though, now that I am recalling my friend Nate and realize I probably only spent like 5 hours in his company, I still remember him as my good dear friend. We forget… we live in a time when a brief encounter can feel like a lifelong friendship. Strange. Anyway, he sent me a link to this later on and I just love it. I’ve probably posted it before on a different blog.

…glad I remembered it
I’m pretty sure there’s footage from both coasts…

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