we’ve arrived. here. in paradise

…halfass trying  to disregard the notion that im just another starry-eyed small town hipster whose arrived in the big city full of hopes and dreams, and in actuality, im completely unoriginal and will end up riding my fixed gear to my restaurant job to pay for my lime green room with the lofted bed in my 4 bedroom apartment.. and cigarettes. …or maybe just a redefinition of ‘unoriginal’ is in order?

anyway. my trip here started sunday morning at 7 am. I left from my loft in downtown Denver at 7:17 am with my boyfriend. we drove straight out of colorado to Topeka where we exited the highway to get our second tank of gas. when we pulled in to the station, I noticed a peculiar clicking noise coming from the timing belt/motor region of the engine… so long story short- had my car towed to kansas city where it was diagnosed to first be totaled, then possibly fixeable, then totally salvagable (this diagnosis came after we’d already left town), and is now waiting to be fixed… we swooped a dodge nitro rental and left KC at 3 pm monday and arrived here in brooklyn the next day 24 hours later. i moved in in 20 minutes, toured for two days, boyfriend’s on a plane home now, i just made my first friend, and now my new life starts. writing this before a 15 min walk to some restaurant in brooklyn for a late dinner.

our internal worlds are always bigger than the world itself.  most people dont leave their tangible worlds to seek other places.  but they should. so that they might let their two worlds, theirs within and the actual without, be equal.

or not. whatever. it’s expensive.


About TARA

American Photographer. Musician. Writer. Science enthusiast.
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