Intention + Entanglement

In short:

Clip from the film What the Bleep Do We Know?

At (extreme) length:

Leonard Susskind @ Standford, 2006.

I can’t say exactly why I find this topic so provocative (to the point of considering a much more involved round of collegiate studies)… I suspect, however, that I am drawn to it for the same reasons physicists and philosophers are. We all want answers, but while many lean towards faith-based conclusions, other prefer scientifically verified answers and theories. If you consider yourself the former, you are on the wrong site… if you are the latter, do inform me if you watch the entire 2nd video. I will send you free jewelry.

The point is, everyone, that we need not be physicists, we need only to gather the knowledge necessary to support the level of complexity at which we chose to live our lives. If we want to live a superficial, material of life, we need only tangible things (not that I don’t love things… I LOVE things)… but if we want to give meaning to the physical; to provide an abstract depth beneath the tangible, concrete surface of our lives, we much posses and arrange the adequate information. It’s up to you to decided what defines ‘adequate’… but I find this sort of stuff to be insightful…. to say the very least.

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