it would seem i am thinking today

my day started when it was a little less than half way over
reaching off the edge of the bed, one over-extended leg after another.
i made a reluctant departure from my dreams to my reality.

the moments pass, as people and cars, seconds and bike riders,
flow forward in a seemingly linear motion.

i drove home late last night from one end of town to the other
when i was stopped at construction.
massive cranes lay massive steel across the width of the 6 lane freeway
upon towering concrete pillars the circumference of great ancient trees.

i stopped there staring for far too long,
with no other cars around to remind me i was still en route,
mesmerized it would seem, by the blinding flash of welding
steel on steel
feeling an almost contrived effort behind my childish wonder.
the moment soon passed and a leisurely u-turn returned
focus towards home.

i am always reminded of the bigger things,
though they rob me of my momentary wonder,
i am again reminded of how to reference the world without referencing myself.

everything in a human life is temporary
and organic forms are finite, but they never make a final exit from all existence,
therefore, existence is infinite, things will form, live, and deform,
and time will forever be the plane and the catalyst….

assuming, of course, time is in fact linear.

but, as strange notions would suggest, and, as i would like to believe, it’s probably not.

by tara @ 3:16pm

About TARA

American Photographer. Musician. Writer. Science enthusiast.
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