for thine brothers, with love

Denver has a long way to go before anyone who doesn’t live here (or rather, who hails from a notable market) can take anything we produce seriously. Though I realize this is a blatantly general statement to make, personally, I don’t believe the notion is too far from the truth. Additionally, I don’t feel its (the statement’s) validity has anything to do with the quality of said work, be it whatever type of media. There has to be something else that renders musicians and artists from smaller markets decidedly non distinct, sparsely distributed, or even irrelevant. I believe it has everything to do with an individual’s, or group of individual’s, inability to mobilize. We can all be scattered about, producing cool things here and there, but all small thoughts must be part of a bigger whole; an idea, a concept, a collaborative effort— an organized means to an understood, eventual end.

Solid Goldd is going to be one of these: a sociocultural vehicle by which our brilliance, and drive will navigate us boldly into the future. (as if i haven’t harped on about this notion to a fantastic extent already…)


born a few months back, KNIFED OUT is the brain child of local legend, Van Kalsing, who represents the former half of the Denver beat-smith duo, London Dungeon. After a good few months of organization, deliberation, and execution, the DENVER MUSIC + LIFESTYLE BLOG is up and running. Future content will be contributed by the latter half of London Dungeon, Thrashton Kutcher, as well as local photographer Ryan Bilawsky, Mike Deez, and Max Klaw.

Again, as any intelligent, accomplished human on this planet can tell you, every great thing begins as a single idea.

These web presences are tools, means to promote a message; to create a style, a pattern, an intangible place that thrives and exists in the minds and hearts of the people affected and involved, the inspired…

About TARA

American Photographer. Musician. Writer. Science enthusiast.
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