It has been a strange day. Denver seems to be getting it’s first real snow of the year, a week late, I might ad, but welcome nonetheless.  Incidentally, the inclimate weather has arrived on the day the Goldd should be making a hasty getaway to the west coast, and it seems, the possibility of embarking on the adventure is diminishing with every passing moment.

With an early start, and a overflowing heart and racing mind, I have retreated to my solitude, attempting to counter my disappointment with digital manifestations of the contents of my being. This, obviously, has resulted in an excess of site updates and a bit of rearranging, so do go cruise around and see what I’ve done with the place. Plenty of fresh imagery, hot off the CF card, snapped just this mornin.

I suppose a somber day, with the beautiful weather I’ve been waiting for is the perfect for goodbye’s.  So let’s do it together. Enjoy these last moments, savor the fleeting finite mintues of this current year. We’ll no sooner kiss them goodbye, fold them up neatly, place them in the 2010 shoebox, and kick them beneath our bed. Aim for a quick departure. This was the year of thinking. The next will be the year of doing.


See you there.  ♥ + ∆


About TARA

American Photographer. Musician. Writer. Science enthusiast.
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