love in the making…

And stuff, too…

It has been a busy week up in here. I’ve been making a few moves in the legal department, getting proper and ironing out some lawful kinks. This name, as you may or may not already know, will eventually represent a number of media types, people, artists, and ideas–not to mention a rock solid set of stylistic and cultural ideals. There is an enormous amount of construction ahead, but there is only one place to start. After much deliberation, I have chosen the place to lay the foundation of this brand: in f a s h i o n.

Aw, but what a vague term right?! Kinda cheap even… decidedly overused, and perhaps a bit pretentious. Well here’s how I see it is: fashion is something every cloth-clad human on this earth can relate to, maybe not in the sense that some of us style savvy American materialists relate to it, but there is a basic understanding there– it is a necessity. Truly there is something to be said for the fabric a man puts on his back, whether it’s a matter of choice or not. In the end, it is one’s own prerogative whether or not to place personal significance in the threads they sport.

You are reading a blog and through a perhaps questionable process of deduction, I can assume you give half a shit about the clothes you wear. Someday, I want you to wear mine. I am working with investors, manufacturers, and the deepest desires of my mind and heart to create something captivating, even covetable; something I am proud to produce. More details are soon to come, but know this, these threads will be simple by design, but evocative of notions of grandeur, and in its inherent irony, this line will eventually evolve into a stylistic anomaly; the gleaming love empire that is Solid Goldd.

Come with me. Let’s make out… and take over the world.


About TARA

American Photographer. Musician. Writer. Science enthusiast.
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