Kid Dangerous Fashion Show | Jet Hotel

Last night I stumbled upon a gold mine. Jaclyn Azzarelli casually invited me to accompany her to Jet to lend a hand styling the Kid Dangerous fashion show, so naturally, I obliged. It appeared, however, that there wasn’t anyone shooting the event. So she and I cruised the 5 blocks back to our digs, grabbed my equipment, came back, styled, coordinated, and shot the two change runway show.  I felt particularly obliged because this company, though I have not been keeping tabs on it for a while, was founded by a few brilliant heads that hail from my own CCHS, and though the notion itself is as good as irrelevant, it is still fabulous to see like-minded relations enjoying success at a point a bit farther along in the process of accomplishment.

The event was a raging success. More to come, I’m sure with this collaboration, and most assuredly more to come for Jax and Me.

More images coming soon.


About TARA

American Photographer. Musician. Writer. Science enthusiast.
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