Three dimensional flare for every affair

I have sent out to have a 10 piece run of these made, mostly just to see how they come out, and possibly to give for Christmas gifts to distant friends and relations. This is the final design, and yes, I wrote it with sharpie on a scrap of paper, took a picture of it with my iPhone, emailed it to myself and photoshopped the shit out of it.
–The originality of the design process is clearly meant to ad tremendous value to every piece I make– Because you may be able to find something similar out there, but those assholes probably just used InDesign or some shit. I think the world forgot how to draw…

Anyway, these will be attached to solid gold chains. I thought about silver, but… that would probably be a conflict of interest.

More coming soon…

About TARA

American Photographer. Musician. Writer. Science enthusiast.
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